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 San Diego 's limitless opportunities for international business, as the region's strategic relationship with Mexico, and specifically its role as a key NAFTA region, has attracted billions o~ dollars in foreign direct investment to the region. these investments have come in the Form of hundreds of foreign multinationals that have sought out San Diego Baja California as their home in the North American marketplace. Positioned on the busiest land border crossing in the world -- San Diego Tijuana -- and strategically located on the Pacific Rim as a nexus between Asian and Latin America, the San Diego region is a global hub characterized by foreign investment and strategic trade relationships that will position the region as a leader in international trade and commerce.

   As the 21st century dawns, San Diego has emerged as a major international trade capital, boasting an advanced telecommunications infrastructure, a deep knowledge base, research and development capacity and four modes o~ transportation. With an active rail line, a network of interstate highways, a major airport and a working harbor, San Diego is able to offer commercial distributors quick and easy access to arriving and departing goods. With its central location and easy accessibility to other cities, counties, states and countries, the San Diego region knows no boundaries when it comes to trade and business relationships.  

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